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New Patient Registration

If you live within our practice area (a 6 mile radius of Enniskillen) you are welcome to register with us and our reception staff will be happy to guide you through the procedure. Eligibility can be quickly confirmed from your address so it would help if you could provide proof by way of a recent utility bill.

You will need to complete a registration form which will provide useful information whilst we wait for your medical records to arrive from your previous doctor. You will need to complete form HS200 or form HSCR1 (available from the practice). You will also need to provide the following:

UK & Irish National born in UK Registering with Practice

  • Proof of Identity & Proof of Address

EEA Nationals Registering with Practice

  • Copy of Passport & Proof of Address

Non-EEA Nationals Registering with Practice

  • Copy of Visa, Passport & Proof of Address

Further guidance regarding the registration process is available from reception.

All new patients over the age of 5 years are asked to attend the Practice Nurse for their initial appointment for a basis health check assessment. This is an extremely important check up as the Practice Nurse will take note of your medical history, take a list of your current medications, check your blood pressure, weight, height and provide you with the opportunity to inform the practice of any medical concerns you might have.

If you move out of the practice area, you will need to register with a new practice as soon as you move. We can provide you with information about how to find a new practice.

You may print off a new patient registration form, complete it and bring it along with you when you attend for your registration appointment -

New Patient Registration Form

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